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What We Do

We make the risk emerging at the intersection of your business and the world of communication tangible, measurable and actionable. We assess, prepare, train, support, monitor and intervene when needed and in a timely manner. Our aim is to strengthen and protect your reputation discreetly and with the utmost precision.

For reasons of confidentiality, we do not publicly disclose our client list.

Strengthening Your Reputation

Our primary objective is to help strengthen your good name and reputation. Why? Because a strong, healthy and positive reputation built on trust and integrity is more resilient when the economic weather gets tough. We start by understanding your macro context, your business, and market dynamics. We then shape communication strategies that yield pro-active reputation building from the start.

  • Industry and competitive analysis in regard to pro-active reputation management
  • Gap and risk identification, vulnerability evaluation
  • Pro-active positive content strategies and management
  • Platform design, content development, content seeding
  • Google, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Xing, and other
  • Digital content optimization, SEO and ORM
  • Influencer management, media, and key people identification
  • Cross-functional and regional education
  • Cross-regional deployment and management (in market subsidiaries and agencies)
  • Global presence

Preparing You in Good Times

We prevent you from getting caught up in a storm in the first place. We do this by conducting a thorough analysis of critical business risks, developing anticipated scenarios, setting up a structural dispositive, executive stakeholder mapping, continuous training and regular media and social monitoring.

  • Train and prepare in good times and you are 10 times more likely to weather a storm
  • From industry and business analysis we develop and prioritize possible scenarios relating to future media risk and exposure
  • Based on these findings we develop an ideal readiness and crisis plan, including a dispositive that reflects your risk profile and your organizational structure
  • A workshop presents the findings and outlines likely risk scenarios.
  • We map your key people and help them to develop reputational awareness
  • Once a year we run an active simulation, evaluate and re-assess your risk profile and level of readiness
  • Ongoing monitoring makes sure that your brands’ tonality, voice and sentiment are within defined boundaries

Protecting You when Times Get Tough

When times get tough, we sail with you through the storm. We hold the ropes, we coordinate, and we communicate. We architect, prioritize, train and guide across all disciplines, from media relations to key messaging to handling your twitter account if need be.

  • We are there when the sky is blue and when clouds turn into media thunderstorm – within minutes
  • We support you when there is no time to think and prepare. Whilst business and operations continue, these situations are draining in terms of time, energy and moral
  • Knowing what to do in the right sequence and how to handle difficult moments is precious
  • Devising rapid media responses, scenario development of soft and hard actions, media interventions and influencer management
  • Defamation evaluation, personal or professional; civil and criminal
  • We craft a best-likely weighting of strategic communication and legal intervention, best adjusted to suit your particular case

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