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It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it

Benjamin Franklin

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What We Do

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We strengthen and protect businesses, families and influential individuals when faced by the most complex communications issues. Swiss at heart and internationally present, we help you gain control of communication threats.

What Can We Do For You?

We make the risk emerging at the intersection of your business and the world of communication tangible, measurable and actionable. We assess, prepare, train, support, monitor and intervene when needed with precision in a timely manner.


Based on a comprehensive analysis, we jointly develop a pro-active reputation management strategy that helps you build on positivity and strengthens your image for the long term.


Your environment dictates the most likely scenarios for reputational damage. We create anticipated scenarios, train your key stakeholders, monitor and stress test and continuously evaluate your readiness to react.



When times get tough, we jump on board and help you manage the most complex crisis to safeguard the reputation of your good name.



Listening and Monitoring, Scenario & Risk Analysis, Public Affairs, Public Relations, Media Relations & Influencer Management, Competitive Threats, Communications Strategy, Content Toolkits & Platforms, Media & Stakeholder Training.


Spokespeople Development, Media Litigation Advise, Defamation Communication, Trademark & IP Communication, SEO Impact Optimization, Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Impact Optimization, Cyber Threat Prevention, Digital Forensics.


Crisis Management, Change Communications, Fake News Arbitrage, Online Reputation Management, Copy Development, Media Channel Strategies in Paid, Earned and Owned, Social Media Strategies & Content Deployment.

Business Impact

Reputational impact is never an upside. And it’s never linear. But one thing is for sure: prevention is better than scrambling for cure. Strengthening and preparing in good times pays off manifold.

Cumulative Financial Impact

Over a five-year period, a mid-sized EU based company with revenues of EUR 100mio risks missing cumulative opportunities of €40m if unprepared and exposed to reputational damage. Reputational damage prevention achieved by having a structured plan in place is equivalent to €16m. A pro-active approach to managing reputation has the potential to substantially minimize negative impact at a loss of revenue of fewer than 10% on a three-year-only basis. Not to mention the benefits of managing your reputation proactively.


Pro-Active and on-going reputation management


Ready, plan in place


Not prepared, no plan in place

Disclaimer: Examples and numbers are for illustrative purposes only and represent reputational and economic loss (in millions) for a mid-sized company based in the financial services sector, calculated on annual revenues of €100 million following a case of fraud through a member of staff.

Experts at Your Service

Our core competency and DNA is in architecting and handling complex situations in communications – internally and externally, in all facets, at any level. Our collective experience spans over a century of working in trusted relationships on critical communications across sectors, markets and cultures. A diverse team of seasoned professionals with 21st-century communications expertise is at your service. Our expertise spans from research to conceptual development, copy writing, analytics and digital strategies.

Markus Kramer

Markus is a communications expert with deep expertise in global brand-, marketing- and reputation- management across multiple sectors.

Reto Zangerl

Reto Zangerl studied economics at the University of St Gallen (M.A. HSG). He specializes in brand strategy, media relations, and social media

Cédric Jacot-Guillarmod

Cédric specializes in communications strategy, crisis communications, and media relations. He can look back on over 20 years of experience in communications.

Trusted Partners

Complementing a talented team of in-house specialists is a group of outstanding, trusted and long-term partners dedicated to working with the best people in their fields across functions and geographies.

Media Law & Defamation

Simkins Ltd. UK and Global

Media, Communications and Entertainment

Switzerland and Continental Europe

Cybersecurity and IT

Trend Micro, Global

Global Communications and Public Relations

Burson Cohn & Wolfe


Trademark, Intellectual Property and Brand Protection

IPrime, Global

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